6 Month Animation & Digital Art Program

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Who can apply?

Our 6 month program is free and open to youth (18+), people with disabilities, women and those that have artistic merit but have had very little or no formal training in art.

The program's intentions are to provide skills in digital art and animation to the selected participants and for them to use those skills to generate revenue for themselves.

l It is available to residents within the Western Cape only.

l    Students with qualifications in Art and Animation need not apply.

Commitment: Full time (Mon - Fri)

Duration: 6 months

Course Date: 16 October2023 - 29 March 2024
Program facilitator: Garth Sanders

Venue: Selected participants will be notified

How to apply

1.    Read the portfolio requirements

2.   Submit your portfolio to garth@toony.co.za before 8 October 2023 @11:59pm.

3.   Use the Heading “DIGIArt program”

Portfolio requirements

1. Scan or take photos of your artwork if on paper.

2. Create a single .pdf file of all of your artwork or supply individual images in .jpeg format.                                                         

All portfolios must contain the following:

l X3 images of your best artwork  (digitally or hand drawn)

l X2 designs of your own characters

l X1 still life - pencil drawing of 3 different items found in your house. Include tonal variation or shading.

l X1 Storyboard - Show a character making or constructing something.

On an A4 page, draw 9 equally sized panels.  A storyboard is a series of drawings that illustrate the flow of a  story and it shows your ability to tell a story visually. Think of a comic book.

Submissions close 8th October 2023.


  • l Evaluate portfolios

    l Round 1 - Selection Process: Contact selected participants

  • l Interview selected participants

    l Round 2 - Selection Process: Conduct a live life-drawing session

    l Notify all participants of the outcome of the selection process.

    l    Induction process with the selected participants

Is it free?

The program is funded from the PESP4 (Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme) administered by the NFVF. So someone is paying, its just not you, so take the opportunity and make a difference.

Objectives of the Program

l Candidates receive 6 months training in digital art and animation to obtain necessary foundational skills required in the   industry.

l Provide a skill-set to generate art and market your brand in order to be self-sustainable.

l Provide a platform from which to pursue animation and digital art through further studying.

What software will we use?

We will use Open source software such as 2d animation software, OpenToonz and Sketchbook to name a few, to ensure minimal starting costs for our future entrepreneurs.

What skills will participants learn?

l Storyboarding

l Animation

l Character Design

l Environment Design

l Digital inking and painting

l Basic editing

l Basic sound design

l Professional conduct for dealing with clients

l Basic marketing

l Brand building